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The most important goal of our life is to make our country a great country in true sense. Performing duty loyally is the responsibility of Indian citizens and is the demand of development in country. There is no any particular time which will call anyone to perform the duty towards country however it is the birth rights of every Indian citizen to understand and perform all the duties towards their country as daily routine or whenever required according to the type of duty.

As being a responsible citizen of the country, I have many duties towards my country which I must fulfill all that. Time never waits anyone, it runs continuously and we should learn from the time.

What is your contribution to company's progress through your personal efforts and success at work?

Because of some greedy parents whether poor or richour country is still having poverty, gender inequality, child labour, bad social or political leaders, female infanticide, and thus poor future of the country. So, they do not have right to blame bad people in their life.

Each and every person is individually responsible for the growth and development in the country. Engineers are highly responsible for the infrastructure development in the country.

It is a country famous all across the world for its culture, tradition and historical heritages however still counted as developing country because of the irresponsibility of its citizens. They should understand their responsibility of making available all the costly treatments at affordable cost within the country.

I am pleased to announce that India will send her own spacecraft to the moon by They are considered as the first basic school for their kids so they should be attentive all time as they are responsible to nourish the future of the country.

They were real followers of their duties towards country who really made possible the dream of freedom in the country by paying very costly cost of lives of millions of people. People must involve their kids in the education and take care of their health and childhood. Who am I I am an Indian citizen as I took birth here.

They are very costly to which poor or even middle class people cannot afford. Everyone must follow all the rules and regulation as well as be courteous and loyal for responsibilities towards the nation.

And empowerment is best served through rapid economic growth with rapid social change. What is Duty Duty is a task or action needed to be performed by each and every individual of the country on regular basis for the betterment and more development.

A citizen living in the society, community or country has various duties and responsibilities towards the society, community and country to be performed in right manner.

They should not destroy and dirt the heritages and other tourist places.

My Duty towards my Country Essay

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Not everyone wants to contribute towards society, rather they just expect what they want from the society and do nothing about it. The Incredible Dog Rescuers And Animal Lovers Of India - They Keep Our Hope Alive In Humanity! - The Better India 4.

8 contributions by Atal Bihari Vajpayee towards making India better

We need better ways to manage and contribution by all and not just some when it comes to. my contribution for a better india - we are citizens of our mother india and it our duty to contribute somethings to her, there are many objectives launched to draw people's attention and also to contribute towards the country, for eg, swachh bharat abhiyaan was launched by narendra modi ji so that all indians can come altogether and help making our country clean, so it is a right to do.

Duty towards my Country Essay 4 ( words) India is a religious, cultural and traditional country and famous for the unity in diversity. However, it needs more efforts from the end of its citizens to keep it clean, free of corruption, free of social issues, crimes against women, poverty, pollution, global warming, etc for more development.

My Contribution Towards Better India objectives, a vision statement has to operate several levels of generality and specificity. My plain vision statement of INDIA shall be “A fearless, strong, self reliant all rounder India ”.

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My contribution towards better india
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